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Clubs and Sports

This is a very important department in our school in the development of talents and refreshment.  It is Headed by Mr. Ogutu(HOD)The following are offered:

i)  Soccer:                    Mr. Ayuka (Coach) and Mr. Seme (assistant)
ii)  Volleyball:             Mr. Nyaito (coach), Mr. Onkoba (assistant), Mr. Makori.
iii)  Basketball:            Mr. Makori (coach), Mr. Gekonge (assistant.
iv)  Handball:              Mr. Nyagwaya (coach)
v)  Athletics:               Madam Mary (coach)
vi)  Badminton:           Mr. Mokua (Coach)
vii)  Table Tennis:        Mr. Ojowi (Coach.
The games department organizes interclass competitions from where we identify talents.  The department excelled in the following areas in the year 2010.
Soccer             -  Base level
Volleyball        -  Provincial level
Basketball       -  Regional level
Handball         - Regional level
Indoor games  -  Provincial level
Athletics          -  District level.


In the year 2011, sports calendar for term I and Ii activities our teams participated as follows.
Term I
Handball         -  District
Athletics          -  Zonal
Basketball       -  Regional

Term II
Soccer             -  Participating at Districts as from 30th June 2011
Volleyball        -  Participating at Districts as from 30th June 2011.
Indoor games  -  Districts.


c)  Clubs and Societies.

Clubs and societies play an important role in the school as they give a chance to students to extend their knowledge and to grow both physically, mentally and spiritually.  Clubs are a great source of fun relaxed participatory social contact among students who meet every Wednesday from 4.00pm to 5:30pm and some on the weekends.
Currently the school has the following clubs and societies.


  1. Christian union
  2. Choir
  3. Debate
  4. Journalism and writers
  5. Science
  6. Scouts
  7. Drama
  8. Environmental

d)  Guidance and Counseling Department.

This department is established in the school to serve students, teachers and parents on issues pertaining to counseling.  Currently it is headed by Ms. Mary Teresa Ogechi.

It comprises of the following:

  1. H.O.D
  2. Teacher Counsellor
  3. Careers Master
  4. Form/Peer Student counselors

The above team work in collaboration with the school administration.
Some roles performed by the department include:

  1. Promoting staff and students motivation to foster academic excellence.
  2. Encourages students who are challenged by social problems both at school level and at home.
  3. Guiding students on how to cope with school life to avoid unbecoming behaviour such as drug & substance abuse, unrest, indecency and truancy that may lead to decline in performance and/or dropping out of school.



The yearly programmes include:

    • Mass counseling fortnightly on Thursdays.
    • Class assemblies weekly on Wednesdays.
    • House assemblies weekly on Fridays.
    • Boarding assemblies monthly.
    • Individual counseling when need arises.




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