Technical Department

This is an academic department which handles three subjects; Business Studies, Agriculture and Computer Studies.
The department has 7 teachers currently.

  1. Mr. Haron Mokua (HOD)
  2. Mr. Justus Bikundo  (HOS B.S)
  3. Ms Milka Ayega (HOS Agric)
  4. Mr. Caleb Onkoba
  5. Mr. Justine Seme (HOS C/S)
  6. Mr. Ondieki.
  7. Ms. Carolyn Gesare.

The department has faired on well and has attained departmental position one and Two in the 2009 and 2010 KCSE exam respectively.  The department has enough book ratio of one to one.  Last year’s departmental mean was 8.541
B/S      M.S.S 8.1118
Agric M.S.S 10.063
C./S  M.S.S 7.545

The department registered a total of 121 students, B/S 73 and Agric 36 and 12 in C/S.  The department targets a mean of 9.4 Agric targets 10.5, B./S targets 9.5 and C./S targets 8.5

The department has no big challenges and this assisted us to perform this much.


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