Language Department

English has:

  1. Madam Mong’ina  - HOS
  2. Mr. Moturi  -  In charge of F1
  3. Mr. Anyona  -  In charge of F2
  4. Mr. Ogutu  -  In charge of F3
  5. Mr. Machogu  -  In charge of F4
  6. Madam Kerubo  -  H.O.D

Both the English and Kiswahili members agreed on the following targets.
English  -  8.5
Departmental mean – 8.8

The strategies laid down to achieve the above mean include:

  1. Team work
  2. Emphasizing on quality grades.
  3. Co-teaching of topics.
  4. Administering RATs.
  5. Thorough content delivery

I would like to commend the administration for trying to provide us with good working environment.  However our department faces some challenges:
i)  We do not have a variety of revision materials for both English and Kiswahili.
ii)  Kiswahili members are understaffed and thus requesting an addition of two teachers for better performance.
iii)  It is the feeling of the teachers of English to be given an office of their own.

The English mean improved from 7.642 to 7.964 though minimal in 2010 KCSE.  Both English has been able to cover the form four syllabus on time so as to allocate more time for revision.  The administration has also facilitated and given us an opportunity to participate in form four joint exams with other school.  We are grateful.


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